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About Us

Who We Are

Delphi: Your Go-To Psychedelic Consultancy

Led by Lia Mix, LMFT, CPTR, Delphi offers critical insights in the psychedelic ecosystem, to help propel your venture from pipeline to prominence with measured momentum. Our team of extraordinary advisors can help you reach goals strategically, ensuring accessibility for all.

As a leading authority in the psychedelic field, Delphi is known for integrity, wisdom, and an empowering approach. We navigate the complexities of psychedelics and healthcare, providing professional and empathetic guidance.

DELPHI delivers strategic insights and expert advice to diverse organizations, enhancing psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health with evidence-based knowledge and progressive strategies.

Beyond sharing insights, we serve as trusted advisors within the psychedelic movement, offering elevated expertise and upholding the highest integrity standards. We are ready to collaborate to ensure your venture becomes a legacy in this transformative field.


Experts + Technology = Consensus + Coherent Messaging

What We Do

Areas of expertise

Delphi specializes in guiding and empowering leaders and organizations within the psychedelic space through strategic insights and expert consultancy.

Venture Capital & Investment

Delphi guides venture capitalists and financial entities through the financial landscape to secure funding, develop sustainable financial structures, and identify lucrative investment opportunities within the psychedelic space.

  • VC Engagement: Engaging with venture capitalists to highlight lucrative opportunities.
  • Funding Acquisition: Identifying and securing funding opportunities from investors and grants.
  • Pitch Strategy: Crafting compelling pitches to attract investment and support.
  • Financial Strategy: Developing strategic financial plans for investors in the psychedelic sector.
  • 101 Education Series: Introductory course providing foundational knowledge about investment opportunities in psychedelics.

Pharma & Biotech

Delphi partners with pharmaceutical and biotechs to navigate the competitive landscape, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster collaborations with psychedelic research firms.

  • Pharma Engagement: Mapping the psychedelic landscape and assessing competition.
  • Funding Acquisition: Raising funds through detailed market analysis and healthcare economics.
  • Communication Strategy: Crafting effective communication and branding strategies.
  • Commercialization Strategy: Offering market insights, strategic planning, and Target Product Profile (TPP) development.
  • 101 Education Series: Introductory course tailored for pharma and biotech professionals on psychedelic market opportunities.

Insurance Providers

Delphi collaborates with insurance providers to navigate reimbursement procedures, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of psychedelic therapies, and advocate for policy changes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Conducting detailed analyses to demonstrate value.
  • Payer Education: Educating insurers on access advocacy and sustainable healthcare.
  • Healthcare Analytics:: Providing decision analytics, outcome improvement, and healthcare innovation strategies.
  • 101 Education Series: Introductory course tailored for insurance professionals on psychedelics in healthcare.

Governmental Bodies

Delphi provides industry insights that highlights real-world data on patient outcomes, and public health benefits of psychedelic therapies to help governmental bodies shape public health policy and implement strategies for integrating psychedelic therapies.

  • Government Interface: Advising on policy engagement, governmental relations, and legislative progress.
  • Policy Engagement: Guiding federal and state-level organizations in the psychedelic space.
  • 101 Education Series: Introductory course tailored for governmental bodies on engaging with psychedelic developments.

Charitable Organizations

Delphi helps charitable organizations overcome barriers, identify impactful funding opportunities, and build networks to facilitate stakeholder consensus and collaboration within the psychedelic space.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning: Developing network building, collaboration facilitation, and stakeholder consensus strategies.
  • Collaboration Facilitation: Helping charitable organizations work effectively within the psychedelic ecosystem.
  • Non-Profit Setup: Assisting in establishing non-profits, including finding fiscal sponsors and legal advisors.
  • 101 Education Series: Introductory course tailored for charitable organizations on engaging with the psychedelic landscape.
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How Delphi
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Our Work

Selected Projects

DELPHI has collaborated with a diverse array of organizations, including government agencies, venture capital firms, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, insurance providers, and charitable organizations.

Our expertise spans a wide array of disciplines across the psychedelic field, providing professional and empathetic guidance to foster meaningful connections and collaborations.

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Our advisors are a distinguished group of experts who will actively engage with clients, providing hands-on guidance and strategic oversight.

With diverse backgrounds in psychedelics, healthcare, and policy, they enhance our capability to deliver transformative, well-rounded, evidence-based solutions.

Data Analytics & Healthcare Economics

Desislava Prodanova

Community Engagement & Grant Writing

Martha Hammel

Professor of Medicine

Sylver Quevedo

Catalyzing Facilitator

Julia Mande

Behavioral Health Leader

Charlie Gross

Healthcare Communications

Brian Mann

Legal Advisor

David Wood

Healthcare Strategy, Innovation, and Growth Leader

Patrick Whitaker

Senior Medical Director

Joshua Lilienstein

Insurance Broker

Adam Wilkins

Funding Strategy Lead

Lauren Tannhauser


Core Team

Our core team comprises industry leaders and innovators dedicated to advancing the field of psychedelic consultancy.

Each member brings a wealth of expertise, ensuring that our strategic insights and guidance are rooted in both experience and a deep understanding of the psychedelic ecosystem.

Founder & CEO

Lia Mix

Lia has been instrumental in establishing the core infrastructure for integrating psychedelic-assisted therapy into the US healthcare system.


David Abernathy

David has extensive experience in project administration, investment banking, and cannabis industry consulting, leading major initiatives at The Arcview Group.

Senior Project Manager

Floris Wolswijk

Floris has built Blossom, the most comprehensive database for psychedelic medicine insights, leveraging deep expertise of the psychedelic ecosystem for societal change.

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